Laravel Interview Questions with Answers

Laravel Interview Questions with Answers

Laravel Interview Questions with answers for fresher’s and also for experienced candidates.

What is Laravel?
Laravel is an open-source PHP framework for the development of web application by MVC architecture (Model View Controller)

What are the features of Laravel?
Query builder
Reverse Routing
Restful Controller
Database seeding
Unit Testing

What is query builder in Laravel?
Query builder provides more direct access to the database, it doesn’t require writing direct SQL queries, and instead, it offers a set of classes and methods.

What is routing?
All Laravel routes are in the route files, which are stored in the routes directory and these files will be loaded by the MVC framework; routes are allotted as the web middleware group, which provides features such as session state and CSRF protection.

What is meant by reverse routing?
Reverse routing is used to generate the URL based on name or symbol. Reverse routing defines a relationship between the links and the Laravel routes.

Does Laravel support caching?
Laravel is configured to use a file cache driver, which is used to store the serialized or cached objects in the file system. For larger projects, it is suggested to use Memcached or Redis.

What are database migrations in Laravel?
Migrations allow us to modify and share the application’s database schema easily. A migration file includes two methods, up() and down(). up() is used to add new tables, columns and the down() method is used to reverse the operations performed by the up() method.

What is a CSRF token in Laravel?
CSRF Cross-Site Request Forgery protection detects unauthorized attacks on web applications by the unauthorized users of a system. The inbuilt CSRF plug-in is used to create CSRF tokens so that it can verify all the requests sent by an authenticated user.

What is Unit testing in Laravel?
Unit testing is an integral part of Laravel, it consists of unit tests that detect and prevent regressions in the framework.

What are the validations in Laravel?
Validations are approaches that use to validate the incoming data within the application. Laravel has many different ways to validate the incoming data of the application.

Explain the benefits of Laravel over other PHP frameworks.
Setup and customization process is fast and easy.
Supports multiple file systems.
It has pre-loaded packages.
It consists of an in-built Authentication System.

What is MVC Framework?
MVC stands for Model View Controller
The model defines the logic to write Laravel application
The view covers the UI logic
The controller is an interface between model and view

What are cookies in Laravel?
Cookies are small file sent to the user’s browser and it is stored in the browser.

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