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Digital Marketing Interview Questions

Digital Marketing is one of the fastest-growing areas. There is a lot of opportunities for Digital Marketing both for Fresher and also for Experienced Candidates. We have prepared a set of Digital Marketing questions that are frequently asked in the Interviews. What is Digital Marketing? What are the types of Digital Marketing? What is Search […]

Laravel Interview Questions with Answers

Laravel Interview Questions with answers for fresher’s and also for experienced candidates. What is Laravel?Laravel is an open-source PHP framework for the development of web application by MVC architecture (Model View Controller) What are the features of Laravel?Query builderReverse RoutingRestful ControllerDatabase seedingUnit Testing What is query builder in Laravel?Query builder provides more direct access to […]

Magento Interview Questions and answers

Magento Interview Questions and Answers commonly asked in the company for the entry level Magento Developers. What is MagentoMagento is an open-source e-commerce platform written in PHP. What are the uses of Magento?It is Open-sourceIt is scalableIt can easily integrate with third party sites What is the Architecture of MagentoMagento is a typical MVC Application […]

How to develop a fantasy sports app

The development of e-sports across the globe has grown in the past two decades and to utilize that opportunity we have come up with the best fantasy sports app development services. Fantasy sport is a virtual game played by creating an imaginary team of real-life players. The internet and mobile phone users are increasing every […]